New Line: Biodegradable Plastic Promos

One of our industry suppliers, Aakron Rule, recently launched a new environmentally friendly line called SAFE Plastic Products. The line launches in January, 2008 with 50 traditional plastic promotional items like sport bottles, stadium cups, keychains, mugs, license plate frames and frisbee-type flyers. The useful life of the products remains the same, but SAFE Plastic incorporates a nontoxic, Proposition 65-compliant additive that enables them to biodegrade in landfills in as little as 9 months.

The line was developed in response to customer requests for more environmentally friendly plastic products. Whereas some plastic products will only biodegrade when induced with extra heat, light or physical stress, SAFE plastic products decay on their own – whether in landfills or home composting heaps.

It’s nice to finally have inexpensive plastic promotional products available that you can feel good about in terms of being environmentally friendly. Ever since I got into this business about five years ago, it’s bothered me to think that the plastic items our industry sells can stay in landfills for 100 years or even more. I hope more suppliers follow Aakron’s lead and offer more environmentally responsible promotional items like the SAFE Plastic line.

Interested in seeing the entire SAFE Plastic line of promotional products? Here’s a link to that page on the Aakron Rule Website:

If you’re interested in buying SAFE Plastic promotional items for your company, Aakron Rule’s product line is sold by promotional product distributors nationwide. If you need a distributor to work with, please feel free to contact me. I work with people all over the country who find me online & my contact info is on my profile. Thanks for reading my blog!

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