Great Photo Frame Ideas!

We just got a sample of this photo frame for our showroom and I really think it’s a great marketing tool as well as client or employee gift idea. The frame is made from acrylic and is 3/4″ thick holding a 4″X6″ photo either horizontally or vertically. It rests snugly on leather base that can be debossed with your logo or a message on it. Here are a few ideas on how you could use this product…

*Jazz up your holiday greeting by placing it directly in this frame as an all-in-one gift.
*At an employee or customer holiday party, use the frame as a place card holder along with disposable cameras so they can capture new memories.
*When launching a service or providing product information, send this frame to prospective customers with the information inside.
*Give the gift of time. Insert personalized certificates with a voucher for a free vacation day good for any day in the next calendar year. Leave them on employees’ desks at night to greet them when they arrive in the morning.
*Create additional excitement and inspire a team. Have each team member take turns picking a quote of the week, sharing it with each other, and putting it in their frame.
*Use as an in-room gift or send ahead of a meeting with the agenda placed inside.
*Frame your business card and a summary of your services and leave it with your customer at the end of a meeting.
*At the end of a project or business deal, send the frame with a snapshot of the end product and say, “We’ve created a masterpiece together. Thanks for including me/us in your project.”
Of course, these are only a few of the many creative ways you could utilize this frame. If you would like to know more about this product or would like some more unique ideas for your company’s promotional marketing just let me know I am happy to help!

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