Unique New Wine Accessory!

Wine is a popular business gift – and more people are drinking wine today than ever before. The popularity of wine has led to an explosion of wine-related gifts in the promotional products industry – imprinted corkscrews, foil cutters, wine totes and all that jazz. Don’t get me wrong, these are all nice gifts… but how many different types of imprinted corkscrews can one really use?

Here’s a wine gift most people don’t have and probably don’t even know exists: The Aerating Wine Globe. It takes the place of a decanter (which is great when you’re traveling or taking wine to a friend’s house – who wants to schlep a decanter around?) It just goes into the business end of a bottle of red wine & mixes a little air in to help the wine ‘breathe’… which helps the flavors of the wine open up.
There are three good reasons to consider these wine globes as a business gift:

1) They’ll stick around long after the wine you give is gone

2) They’re a unique item that people will talk about and show their friends

3) They’ll make the wine you give with them taste better!

I’m ordering these to give as holiday business gifts, along with a nice bottle of Oregon wine. They’re affordable and the minimum quantity is only 48 pieces. Other uses might be:

-Wine shops could include them as a gift with purchase for case buyers of good reds
-Realtors, insurance agents & other professionals can use them as client gifts

-Great restaurant promotion – give as a gift to preferred customers or event planners

-Wineries could give them to distributors as a year-end thank you
-Great promo for wine clubs, classes and magazines

For more information and pricing on these aerating wine globes, here’s a link to them on the Leed’s website: http://www.leedsworld.com/products/item.asp?productnumber=1400-39.

Leed’s is a supplier to the promotional industry and doesn’t sell directly to the public. You can buy these through promotional products distributors like my company (Swag Connection).

If you don’t already have a good distributor to work with, please consider me! I’ve owned Swag Connection for over 5 years and have clients all over the US. Just call or e-mail me… my contact information is on my profile. Cheers!

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