StickyDrive Is the Next Big Thing

I attended the Northwest’s regional promotional tradeshow last Friday, and there’s a lot of cool stuff to write about. The number one thing I saw that impressed me, however, was StickyDrive.

After five years in the swag business, there aren’t a lot of new items that actually cause me to wake up at night just thinking about their potential, but this one actually did. It takes the flash drive to a completely different level in terms of being an advertising and promotional medium.

So, what IS Stickydrive? Basically it’s a program-slash-application that’s pre-loaded onto flash drives and comes up each time they’re plugged in. There are two things that make it super-cool:

1. It has a ‘smart’ file management system that allows users to manage the three filetypes normally saved to a flash drive – music, photos and documents. It’s got a built-in music player and photo viewer software, allowing the user to listen to music and view photos on any computer. This makes is way more user friendly than an ordinary flash drive, so in turn it’s likely to be used longer and more often.

2. This is the cool part in terms of it being a promotional medium. The drive displays the videos, graphics, website links and animation of the company that gives it out… and those elements can be CHANGED AT ANY TIME by that company. The next time the drive is plugged in, it’s automatically updated with the new content.

Best of all, these extras only take 5MB of the available memory space, which leaves lots of room for the user to store their own files on the drive.

Stickydrive can be added to any promotional flashdrive, and it’s really not all that spendy when you consider the capabilities it has to advertise to a very targeted audience over time. It’s really more suited to larger organizations that can order at least 250 flash drives at a time – at that quantity, the cost of adding Stickydrive is between $2.75 to $3.75 per drive and the cost decreases as volumes go up.

This is not only an item to advertise to potential clients – it’s also an excellent vehicle for internal communications within large companies or non-profits. It would be an excellent way to communicate with a dealer network or salesforce, and a great tool for colleges or sports teams.

I could go on and on… but seeing is really believing when it comes to this product. Want to learn more and see a demo? Go to and click the Stickydrive area on the homepage. This will take you to an area where you can see more and view demos of Stickydrives that have been done for Sony and Hewlett Packard. Other companies using the Stickydrive include Intel, Boeing and Harrah’s.

Interested in Stickydrive for YOUR organization? MMI Line does not sell directly to the public, only through promotional products distributors. If you don’t already have a good promo company to work with, please consider mine: Swag Connection. We’re located in Portland, Oregon and work with companies all over the US. My contact information can be found on my profile and I always am thrilled to hear from the folks who read my blog.

Thanks for reading and come back often for great creative marketing ideas and new swag!

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