New Marketing Tool

Here’s a useful “cutting edge” product that virtually everyone can use – the Open-X tool. This patented product easily opens cartons, clamshell packaging, shrink wrap, envelopes and more. It’s safe and easy to use – once people have one, they tend to keep it close at hand and use it often.

I like this item for many reasons, one being the price point. It’s under $6.00 and the minimum quantity is only 25 units, so this could be used by lots of businesses large and small. One idea would be to promote “opening” things like new accounts, lines of credit, doors of opportunity… you get the idea. Great idea for real estate folks too, it’s handy to have around the house.

Do you market to Seniors? This is an awesome item for that market – think of all the things they have difficulty opening. Give these and you’ll be their hero!

To see more information about this item, here’s a link to the Open-X website:

You can buy these at retail with an Open-X logo on them, but the version we sell is custom printed with YOUR company logo. This is just one of the cool items we have to offer for your creative marketing pleasure. To see more (or to get our contact info) just go to our website:

Thanks for reading!

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