Full Color Eyeglass Wipe

If there’s one thing I love, it’s finding an item that is almost universally used (and useful) but is hardly ever given away as a promo item. Take this eyeglass wipe for example. Everyone with a pair of sunglasses or eyeglasses can use it. It can also be used for wiping off a cellphone, PDA or laptop screen. It’s an item with huge range – depending on the messaging you could use this item to target Seniors just as easily as you could use it to target Surfers!

Even better than the univeral appeal, it’s small and light but it has a huge imprint area for your message and can be printed with vivid four-color artwork for a knock-out visual impact. It can easily be mailed and is a nearly perfect tradeshow giveaway item. All this going for it AND a great price – this is on special during the 1st quarter for $1.33 ea. – minimum 250).

I have a couple of samples of these on my desk and I have to say the edge-to-edge four color graphics are just amazing, like little works of art.

To see this item on our supplier’s website with pricing, go to: www.worldwideline.com and first select ‘Xtreme Products’ then select ‘Fabric’. (You’ll see some other cool items there too).

If this is an item you’re interested in ordering for your business or non-profit, you can order through us if you don’t have a promotional consultant to work with. Simply call or e-mail me (Diane Nudelman) at 1-866-247-4320 (or) info@swagqueen.com

Thanks for reading!

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