New Item for 2007 – Mobile Phone Charger

Have you ever really needed to use your cellphone and found you had a low or dead battery… and no way to charge it?

Of course you’ve been there – we all have. That’s why I’m excited about this new item I found – it’s an emergency cellphone charger that’s pretty ingenious in my opinion. It simply transfers power from a AA-sized battery to a cellphone, giving a charge that will provide about 60 minutes of talk time, on average. It comes with the adapters shown in the picture above, so it can be used with all the major brands of cellphones that are out there.

This is a super-handy item for people to take along when there’s no access to power for charging a phone… outdoor events, hiking, camping, biking, traveling, tradeshows, conferences, tailgate parties, at the beach… the list goes on and on. It’s pretty much something that everyone with a cellphone can use at one time or another.

Priced between $8-$10 (depending on order quantity) this is a little nicer than a simple giveaway item. It would be a great item for companies to give to members of their sales force who are on the road a lot, or a nice gift for conferences and company events. It would be a great gift-with-purchase for sporting goods stores, or a good incentive item for auto dealers to offer with test drives. It’s also a good candidate for a sales call ‘leave behind’ item – small, useful and bound to be shown off around the office because it’s unique and new.

As of this writing our supplier has 1st quarter special pricing on these – $7.99/each with a minimum order of 100 pieces, which is a good price. They can either be screen-printed or laser-engraved with your logo.

If you’re interested in seeing details and pricing, here’s a link to our supplier’s webpage:

If this is an item you’re interested in ordering for YOUR business or organization, I’d be happy to help you, answer questions or arrange to get you a sample so you can try it for yourself. To contact me, either e-mail ( or give my office a call: 866-247-4320 toll-free.

Thanks for reading my blog!

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