Cool I-Pod Gadget: The Sound Bag

Ipod accessories are very hot right now, both at retail and also for business gifts and incentives. As an Ipod user myself, I was really knocked out by this item when I saw it firsthand at the PPAI show earlier this month. This is one of the coolest Ipod items I’ve seen, period.

It’s a little neoprene case with a hookup inside for your Ipod. You can’t see it, but a speaker is built into the case so it functions like a little mini ‘boombox’ for you to play your tunes anywhere. This is the really cool part though – there are special touch controls built into the neoprene fabric – you simply touch the graphics on the outside of the case to control the Ipod inside. You can turn the volume up and down and skip forward and back without ever opening up the case!

This works with any MP3 player and easily integrates with other speakers or headphones. It’s not a cheap item – priced between $50-$70 depending on quantity ordered – with a minimum order of 48 pieces. For larger companies with salesforces or dealer networks, this would be a great incentive item for sales contests. It would also be a great tee prize for golf tournaments or a buzz-creating item for donating to swag bags for high-end charity events.

If you’d like to see more information and pricing on this item, here’s a link to the webpage on our supplier’s site (Goodhope Bags):

You can order this item through my company, Advance Promotions, if you don’t already have a person you work with for business promos and swag. Feel free to email me ( or call me toll-free at 1-866-247-4320 if you’re interested in buying this or any other promo items. Thanks for reading!

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