Safe-Ad Telephone Pads

Although this isn’t a new item, it’s one that I think is worth talking about. It falls into the ever-so-popular category of items costing less than $1.00 and it puts your company logo in front of your client every day for several months. What is it? An ANTI-MICROBIAL TELEPHONE PAD.
This little 1.5″ square is made of special AgION antimicrobial plastic and is printed on the front with your logo, with adhesive on the back. When it’s stuck down under the mouthpiece of a telephone it protects the mouthpiece from germs AND keeps your name & number right at the user’s fingertips.

While these have been available for quite some time at minimum quantities of 1,000 or more, we have a supplier who just started offering them at a minimum order quantity of 250. Price per pad ranges from $.75 to $.95/each depending on quantity ordered and the type of presentation card chosen.

I like the presentation option that goes with your business card (pictured above). This works well for both mailing or for handing out in person. The cards are printed with information about the antimicrobial properties of the pad (so the recipients know what the heck it is).

This is a great item for any business that wants to keep their phone number highly visible and convey an image of caring about others. It’s also a nice item for internal company use – give one to every employee to help stop the spread of germs around the office.

This item is a great trade show giveaway item, but can be used just as effectively with a direct mail campaign (it’s very light – no extra postage needed in a #10 envelope). If you attend networking events it’s a natural with the business card presentation.

This is just one of several antimicrobial products we offer with custom imprinting – we also have lightswitch covers, pens and mini flashlights made with this special plastic.

If this is an item you’re interested in ordering for your business or non-profit I’d be happy to help you. Simply send me an e-mail ( or call me toll-free: 888-247-4320.

Thanks for reading and have a good day!

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