Custom Label Energy Drinks

Another new product that created a lot of buzz at the PPAI Expo was custom labeled energy drinks. These drinks are a very popular category at retail, especially among the under-30 demographic. This is a great, upscale alternative to custom labeled bottled water for handing out at events like trade shows, conferences or sporting events like golf tournaments.

Unlike bottled water, energy drinks have a distinctive taste… and some are obviously better than others. The one I’m featuring here (from Custom Energy Drinks) tastes great – they were taste-testing it at their booth in Las Vegas and the folks I talked to agreed with me unanimously that this one tastes like it should. Tart, fizzy, slightly sweet. If you are in the market for this item and shopping the internet, I would definitely recommend you ask for samples and taste-test for yourself before committing. After all, the cool packaging doesn’t mean a thing if people make a face and spit the drink out!

The size, shape and look of these cans is very similar to Red Bull, and the cans are custom-printed right on the metal. No labels. The sky is the limit as far as designing your own custom can and they look really cool.

Minimum quantity: 576 cans and up. Not for everyone, I know, but for the right sort of company and marketing event this is a great item.

This company’s website is pretty devoid of information but they do have some cute flash animation that shows you what the custom cans look like. You can check it out at For information, pricing, turnaround time and all that jazz just get in touch with me (or) your favorite local promotional products person.

Thanks for reading – I’ll be back next week with more ideas for you!

Diane Nudelman

AKA The Swag Queen!

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