Best Totebag for Events

I’m always looking for new styles of totebags since they’re such a staple item for conventions, conferences and tradeshows. The key to a great convention tote is having all the things you need close at hand without needing to dig into the bag: ID Badge, pens, cellphone, business cards and bottled water.

One of my favorite promo suppliers – Leeds – has come out with a new totebag for 2007 that I think is pretty close to perfect. The item number is 6750-30, the ID Convention Tote (see photo attached to this post). I especially love the clear pocket on the side of the bag that’s just the right size to hold your badge – nice if you don’t enjoy wearing lanyard badge holders around your neck.

The whole thing about handing out totebags at events is this… the company handing out the COOLEST and MOST FUNCTIONAL totebag wins. If you walk into the event and get handed a cheapo totebag you’ll only carry it until someone else hands you one you like better… then the cheapo one gets folded up and put inside the cooler one. Darwinian? Yes, but oh-so-true.

Totebags are FANTASTIC advertising vehicles at events because they travel around AND they have a great big imprint area. Think of them as walking billboards for your brand. So here’s my advice: Use your budget to buy a lesser quantity of a really nice tote for your next event. People will see others with the cool tote and ask where it came from, bringing traffic to your booth. When giving them out, stress the fact that the supply is very limited – word will get around and people will make it a point to visit your booth earlier rather than later if they want to get ’em before they’re gone.

If you like this totebag, here’s a link to the Leeds website for more details and pricing:

As with all the items I feature on my blog, this item can be purchased through my company (Advance Promotions) if you don’t already have a promotional consultant you like to work with. Feel free to e-mail me – – if I can help you with this or any other promotional items!

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