The Card Keeper: Simple, Versatile… and cheap!

(NOTE: I’ve been trying for a couple of days to get Blogger to post the photo of this item but it isn’t working. Very frustrating. To see a pic, click the link to the Quikey website at the end of this post)

This is not a brand-new item, but it’s back by popular demand so I thought I’d write it up. It’s the Quikey Card Keeper – it’s made of soft, thick, shiny vinyl and comes in lots of fun colors.

This is a natural branding “add-on” for any promotional marketing that involves cards… gift cards, membership cards, loyalty cards, business cards, debit cards. Here are a few ideas of ways this could be used by different kinds of businesses:

Banks & Credit Unions: Give new customers a Card Keeper any time they open a new account that will include a debit or credit card. It keeps their card handy when they need it & protects it from scratching & becoming demagnetized.

Gyms & Fitness Clubs: Present new member cards in a card keeper, and add an inexpensive, laser-engraved carabiner clip so it can easily attach to gym bags.

HR Departments: Have card keepers imprinted with your company logo and perhaps the contact informaton for HR. Use the card keeper to present new insurance cards or building security cards to new hires. Also a nice ‘extra’ to present with an employee’s first box of business cards.

Retailers: A great way to package gift cards to extend your branding

Schools & Colleges: Help students keep their student ID cards handy by either giving a card keeper to new students with their ID or making them available for sale.

Punch-Card Loyalty Programs: If your business offers a punch-card program, distribute the punch-cards in card keepers. People can keep the punch card handy on their keyring with the keeper, and your brand gets more exposure than it would if the card just goes into a wallet.

As you can see, there are lots & lots of ways to use this simple item that costs less than $1.00. If you’d like to see information & pricing on the Quikey Card Keeper, here’s a link to check out:

If you’re interested in the card keeper as a way to promote YOUR business, school or non-profit, we are happy to help you out and we offer the entire Quikey line. Just give us a call (888-237-4320) or e-mail us: to get your questions answered or your order started!

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