Crazy Color-Morphing Stressballs

Stress toys are a big (and popular) item for company swag, but they’ve been done almost to death in my opinion, especially as giveaways for events. Let’s be honest – they don’t have any real underlying usefulness (unlike, say, pens or letter openers) so they’re likely to be thrown out and forgotten quickly unless there’s something COMPELLING about them that grabs people’s interest.

That being said… here’s a stress toy I can get excited about! It’s a semi-solid, gel filled, shiny colored ball that changes colors when you squeeze it. Although it’s hard to convey the feel of something on a website, the weight and squeezable-ness are just right – it’s much more satisfying than those ubiquitous lite-foam stress toys you see all over. This is something that will get ATTENTION at a tradeshow, and that people will take back & show to their co-workers, friends or spouses just because it is so unique and engaging.

This comes from a line we sell called Handstands, and they have a really good product lineup with cool, colorful and interesting promo items. This link goes to the page on their site with the morphing stress ball, but if you’re looking for cool ideas for your company swag, cruise around their site and see what else they have to offer too. Here’s the link:

As always, if you buy imprinted swag/apparel/awards for business and need someone good to work with, here’s our contact information:
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