The Bic Duo – New, Cool & a little Geeky

Funny, but sometimes the simplest things get the biggest reaction. That’s been the case with everyone I’ve shown the new Bic Duo to… it’s a pen and a highlighter in one.

Now duo pens & highlighters have been around for a long time, but they’ve always been configured so the pen’s at one end and the highlighter’s at the other. Pulling the caps on & off both ends is sort of a bother (not to mention there are 2 caps to lose instead of just one) and you have to turn the pen upside down every time you want to highlight something.

What makes the Duo unique is that the highlighter’s in the same end as the pen. It’s hollow in the middle and twists down right over the nib of the pen, so the pen actually transforms into a highlighter, and back to a pen, with a quick half-turn of the barrel. So how could you theme this item for corporate swag?

-Use it to promote a 2-for-1 sales event
-Perfect item to ‘highlight’ your ‘quick turnaround’
-Incorporate it into a ‘bright ideas’ theme for generating employee suggestions
-Package it with a Journal Book for conferences & retreats

If you’re interested in ordering a sample of the Bic Duo, or if you’d like more information about ordering them with your custom imprint, just contact me at Advance Promotions: 866-247-4320 or e-mail:

For information and pricing on Bic’s website, click this link:

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