Great Gadget!

Just when I thought I’d seen it all… this is just the coolest thing! It’s a hand-cranking recharger with multiple adaptor tips so it will charge iPods, PDAs, Cellphones and other small electronics even when there’s no electricity available!

Talk about putting your logo on something that will impress people and be remembered. If someone gave me one of these things I’d be showing it off to everyone I know. Think of the positive brand association if this little gadget gets your big client or prospect out of a real fix when their cellphone battery dies… this gizmo can make you a BIG hero!

This is offered by our supplier New Products (yes, that’s their name), and can be purchased through my company, Advance Promotions. Just scroll down to the next entry for our contact info. if you’re interested in ordering these. The minimum quantity is just 25 and they’re a super gift idea for pretty much anyone you want to impress or reward.

Here’s a link to the pricing & details on the New Products site:

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