Mini Madison Promo Digital Camera

The Mini Madison debuted last year, and the buzz hasn’t stopped since. It’s a cute, LITTLE (just over 2″ square) digital camera with 1.3 megapixel and webcam/short video capabilities that comes with multiple interchangeable faceplates. Includes a neckstrap, a keychain clip and software/cords to hook up to your computer.

It comes in a cool & colorful, magnetically sealed gift box. Priced in the $40 range (depending on quantity), it can be ordered blank or with your logo imprint on the camera body.

This would be a great incentive gift for sales contests or for company retreats or other corporate travel events. You could also do a drawing for, say, 25 of them at your trade show booth as a means to collect more leads & draw traffic. If your target market is young/hip/creative (and perhaps a bit jaded toward promos), this is one item that has a definite COOL factor. There’s a link below you can click to see pricing & specs – as always, you can order this item through my company – just call or e-mail: 866-247-4320 toll free (8:30-5pm Pacific Time) or
Cut & paste this link to see info & pricing:

(sorry, for some reason blogger is being grumpy about inserting links today)

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