i-Kleen – Promo Cellphone Cleaner/Charms

This is an item that’s HUGE in Japan right now, but new to the American promotional market – it’s called an i-Kleen, and it’s basically a vinyl cellphone charm that has a microfiber cloth backing that safely cleans the screens of cellphones and other personal electronic devices.

These are a natural for companies that want to reach the youth market, which is notoriously resistant to most forms of advertising and tend to be jaded when it comes to promotional items. Keeping your logo on their cellphones is huge, considering the near constant cellphone usage of young people these days to stay in touch with each other.

The size, shape and artwork of the i-Kleen is limited only by your imagination – there are dozens of stock shapes available to choose from, or we can help you custom-create your own for large quantity orders.

Priced at well under $1 in quantities of 10k or more, this is a great mass-giveaway item for summer events and promotions. If you’re interested in this item, just drop me an e-mail (diane@swagqueen.com) and I’ll be happy to help you out.

To see pricing, stock shapes & other details, follow this link to our supplier’s website: http://www.soundline.com/ClientProductListing.asp?strSearch=category&category=i%2DKleen&strPageNo=0&strCriteria=i%2DKleen&categoryflag=0

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