New Item! Gliding Promo Pins

Crave a little wave, a glide in your ride, some motion in your promotion. Well search no further! We have just the thing to create that next fun promotional “zing”, Glider Pins! These pins are actually two emblematic pieces combined to create one fun grooving, moving piece. The base is die cut to create a path for the upper emblematic charm to move freely back and forth, up and down or diagonally. No longer stationary, these lapel pins can show something floating, boating, swinging, soaring, sliding, flying, gliding, tripping, coasting, drifting, racing, waving, and more! Think of the sports possibilities! Imagine a ball being thrown, an athlete skiing, a tennis ball soaring, a golf club swinging, a skater gliding, a surfer surfing, a bike racing, a ball flying. Make fundraising and recognition hip and interesting. Little league, school sports fundraising, school athletic awards, souvenirs and fan appreciation days. Trading and collecting, lapel pins are top notch, so create more than one pin. Kids will love them.

Not your ordinary lapel pin, they’ll sway back and forth with the recipients movements and are sure to grab one’s attention. If reach and frequency are the measures of advertising, then these lapel pins are an exceptionally effective advertising message at an outstanding value.

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