Two Ideas for Realtors

I came across this special today and thought I’d share it, since I know Realtors are always looking for good ideas (these are also good items for mortgage people too).

The first one is a ‘Key Rock’ – looks just like a rock but holds a hidden key, with the agent’s logo on the cover that goes over the hole in the rock. These are on a 2-for-1 special right now, you can see the pricing and details if you click this link:

The other item is new for 2006 – a house-shaped magnet clip. This is a hot category in our industry (kind of like caribiners were last year) and suppliers are riding the wave of popularity by constantly introducing magnet clips in new shapes. I like this one because of the house shape, and also because it allows for a nice big imprint – much bigger than on most clips. Here’s a link to the pricing and details on this item as well:

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