Custom Printed Sports Balls

I just learned about a new company we can source from called Logo Stars, and they provide Custom Printed sports balls of all types, in full-color process, in 72 hours or less.

They offer guaranteed 3-day lead time on orders of up to 1,000 balls and have a super-low minimum order of only 6 balls. They print in full color with no set-up fees (which is HUGE) and their patented process puts any type of logo or image on the balls without distortion. The place where this makes PERFECT SENSE is for any type of Championship game, where it’s not for sure which teams will be in the game until just a few days before the event.

Sport ball types they can print on include: baseballs, softballs, hockey pucks, footballs, basketballs, water polo balls, volleyballs, cricket balls and more. To see their product line (which can be ordered through my company, Advance Promotions), click this link to their site:

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